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Society in Bhiwani

Bhiwani is a well diversified place in the state of Haryana where all population lives in peace. It is an economically developed city that has civilized society in urban and rural areas. Bhiwani, since its establishment as district in 1972, it has made immense progress and development to enhance the standard of living in the city. In this series, one of the major impressions on the civilization of Bhiwani is given by welfare societies in the district.

Society in Bhiwani

Welfare societies are the group of people who come together to work on same purpose. Government has given special privileges to such societies and provided proper environment with system to provide the required services for society. There are many welfare societies incepted in the city of Bhiwani to cater to various issues existing in the city. Let us see some categories of these societies established in the city and district at large.

Social Welfare Societies in Bhiwani

Social Welfare Societies are formed to highlight major issues of Bhiwani district including injustice to locals in getting their rights. These societies are not bound to one particular issue; they can address any social problem related to convenience of citizens. These are mainly non profit, non government, and non political organizations which work for social causes and justice to innocent.
Some of them are:
  • Gugan Ram Educational & Social Welfare Society
  • Trivedi Jan Kalyan Samiti

Women Welfare Society in Bhiwani

Though India is democratic country, but women in country are mostly under weighted in the society. They consist fifty percent of population but lack of education and unity, feminine community faces immense problems and inequalities in the societies. In Bhiwani realizing the fact of social justice to females, many Women Welfare societies have been established.

Welfare of women in Bhiwani

These organizations unite the women from various localities of Bhiwani and educate them about the women power with government aided benefits. They usually make chain of voluntary workers who work in their local areas as a helper for these welfare societies. These local volunteers look in to the social matters which arise in their particular area. In Women Welfare Societies, they provide complete support to deprived or humiliated females and offer them helping hand to get justice.

Some of the women welfare societies in Bhiwani are:

  • Dukhi Mahila Welfare Society
  • Bal Avam Mahila Jagruti Sansthan
  • Virendera Mahila Avam Bal Vikas Samiti

Childcare Societies in Bhiwani

Children are the most innocent citizens of the country and they are been targeted by many immoral and anti social elements. Children who are alienated from their families are prone to social injustice, illegal activities, harassment, illiteracy and mal nutrition. So to provide help to such underprivileged child in Bhiwani, numerous Childcare societies have been established here. These societies in Bhiwani look into the matters of child protection, their shelter, education, proper nutrition, and over all development.

Child welfare in Bhiwani

Some prominent Childcare societies in Bhiwani are:

  •  Baptist Girl’s Hostel
  • Circular Road, Bhiwani

Environmental Welfare Society in Bhiwani

In the race of rapid growth and industrialization, people are neglecting the fact of environment. Lack of awareness or due to negligence, this issue has been kept aside as it is not hurting any social being. People are usually aware of all facts about the plastic usage, deforesting, excess use of natural reserves, and other such major issues but they used to ignore the topic or leave it for tomorrow.

Some of the welfare societies have taken such issues of environment to highlight and increase the awareness among the people about the hazards of imbalance in environment.

Environment Welfare in Bhiwani

These environmental welfare societies are spreading manifold in recent years and many people are attaching to this social cause. They organize events and activities to educate people about saving environment. They also distribute eco friendly bags and utilities to tell public about necessity of prohibiting the use of plastic material.

Some of the major Environmental Welfare Societies in Bhiwani:

  • The Green Society
  • Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani

Old Age Welfare Society in Bhiwani

Old Age Welfare Societies plays major role in providing help to the aged citizens of Bhiwani. These old age societies provide deprived senior citizens of this place with proper shelter, medical help, and daily needs. The major Old Age Welfare Societies in Bhiwani are:

Old Age welfare in Bhiwani

  • Sh. Geeta Vridha Ashram & Parmarth Vatika
  • 7th mile stone, Rohtak road, Bhiwani

Animal Welfare Society in Bhiwani

Animal Welfare in Bhiwani

Animal welfare societies in Bhiwani are established to ensure proper treatment to innocent animals in the city. There are many Gaushalas and welfare centers to house homeless animals in Bhiwani.

People associated with such organization initiates welfare programs for stray animals and offer them all the basic necessities.

Near Kamla Bhawan,Court Road, Old Bus stand, Bhiwani

Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in Bhiwani

NGOs are the integral part of societies which are engaged in total welfare. Societies and NGOs are the two faces of one coin. NGOs are the organizations indulged in the benefits of under privileged people. These NGOs receive aids from the Government and private foundations to give support to various causes in society. In Bhiwani, there are many such NGOs established in the city to render their services and help for social and well being causes.

Major NGOs and Societies in Bhiwani

The Green SocietyNGOs in Bhiwani

The Great Revolution for Elimination of Environmental Nuisances (The Green Society) is one of the prominent societies working in the field of environmental awareness. This society came into existence on 10th Feb 2010 to spread awareness regarding the mal practices carried out by the people in daily life and which are affecting our environment to great extent.

They have undertaken many events and actions to literate people about conserving environment.

They also beautify common places of the city and incept surroundings with green plants to make these places beautiful.

The Green Society
C/o Anand Nursing Home
Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani – 127 021
Phone No - 01664 241194
Email: drpkanand@yahoo.co.in

Career Point NGO in Bhiwani

Career Point NGO is one of the major non-profit organizations registered under the Societies Act 1860. It is engaged in various local and national level programs in the district of Bhiwani. They are giving brilliant support in Total Sanitation Campaign and Janani Suvidha Yojna in Bhiwani. Alongside they are also working on other modules of societies in different districts of Haryana. The main aim of Career Point NGO is to form team of young and talented people to offer social services to the citizens of Bhiwani. 

Career Point NGO
Tosham Hansi Bai Pass, Boxing Academy,
Bhiwani, Haryana
Correspondence Location:
231, New D C Colony, Opp. ESI hospital,
Hansi Road, Bhiwani

Haryana Paryavaran Sanrakshan Aur Shodh Samiti - Charkhi Dadri

In short called as HEART, it is engaged in protecting environment and nature from the dangerous and harmful effects of neglecting pollution control in Bhiwani. It spread awareness about the degradation of environment among general public and encourage them to use eco friendly items to preserve earth atmosphere. It educates the people regarding literacy, environment, sanitation, and forestry. This organization also makes people aware about the ways of preserving our environment. 

Haryana Paryavaran Sanrakshan Aur Shodh Samiti
Charkhi Dadri - 127306
Phone No : 91- 1250- 22095

For List of NGOs Click Here.

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