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Emergency Services in Bhiwani

Bhiwani is well developed urban area of Haryana and people living in the city are more civilized and sophisticated in nature. It is a combination of conventional as well as modern lifestyle. In fast moving life, there are many hurdles with occur incidentally and they could be the turning point of one’s existence. It may be an accident or natural calamity, what so ever, but these situations need to be sought out patiently and with more composed manner. These alarming situations are generally called as emergency and such incidents should be tackled more effectively.

Emergency Services in Bhiwani

During these kinds of situation, you need specialized help from somebody who is familiar with such situation and give you proper guidance to keep damages to minimal. Government of Haryana has incepted various agencies and department to handle situation at the time of emergency and support common people of Bhiwani to get instant relief. Even there are private parties or NGOs which are aware of ways to tackle hard time so you must have contact details of all the necessary departments and other organizations which could be useful at any point of time in emergency.

Help in times of Emergency in Bhiwani

Generally, people do not remain ready for any unexpected occasion or incident hence they find themselves in the soup without realizing exactly what to do. Therefore it is a basic thing to have emergency numbers of all departments that will act quickly for managing tragedy with you or at your locality. One must not forget to keep ICE (In case of Emergency) numbers save in mobile or keep in your pocket diary which is useful for you in case of accident or any other problem where you are unable to contact your relatives. Even you can save nearest police station, fire station, or ambulance numbers in such ICE list which can be very handy during emergency.

Police Stations in Bhiwani

Bhiwani was separated and made separate district in 1972 and it covers around 5099 square kilometer area of Haryana which is comprised with rural and urban areas. To maintain law and order in the region, well trained Bhiwani Police has been established. This department is engaged in providing support to innocent people and it takes strict action against criminals and other anti-social elements.
Bhiwani is sub-divided in to four major areas to maintain peace in the city.

Police services in Bhiwani

These include Bhiwani, Dadri, Loharu, and Siwani. These places are infused with D.S.P offices under which there are 12 police stations and 15 police posts established to administrate the region of Bhiwani. Residents of every division should have telephone numbers of respected D.S.P offices or Police stations to contact at the time of emergency.

SP Bhiwani
Phone: 01664-Off-243700 R-243777
Mob: 88140-11400

ASP Bhiwani – 01664 242744

DSP Bhiwani – 01664 242744, 8814011402

Electricity Department in Bhiwani

Electricity Department is also one of the essential office at some circumstances for which people need help of this organization. Electricity supply in the region of Bhiwani is managed by Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam. At the time of natural calamity or any accidents if there is electric supply passing by then that supply must be discontinued to stop any further disaster. Electric power supply can add to the tragedy sometimes.

Electricity services in Bhiwani

There can be situations where electricity leakage from electric poll or other such instance which need immediate access to electricity supply department then you should keep the numbers of responsible people of the organization. Here are the direct numbers of officers in Bhiwani electricity department.

General Manager – 01664 243491
City Sub Division Bhiwani – 01664 242801

Fire Stations in Bhiwani

Fire brigade service is one of the prominently used emergency facilities in the urban areas. Person donning fire suits are real heroes as they save lives while taking care of their own. Fire brigade officers are well trained and mechanized to recue people at the time of disaster. They play a major role in fire fighting, rescue from high building, save life from water, rescue from building collapse, and other such unpredicted situations.

Fire Brigades in Bhiwani are equipped with high techniques and advance features to tackle all kinds of problems during the time of panic. Fire fighters are centrally placed in the city place to reach every area within seconds to control the situation. Fire fighters in Bhiwani are always on their toes to get ready for any encounter and reach affected area on priority. Their vehicles are colored in red possessing all gadgets useful at the spot. They have been provided with special siren to clear the route for uninterrupted access.

Location of Fire Brigade Station: Zoo Road, Bhiwani
Phone numbers: 01664 242111

Ambulance Services in Bhiwani

Ambulance is another important emergency service in Bhiwani. Bhiwani is located towards the southern areas of Haryana from where many highways pass through. Though ample precautions are taken by Government to avoid accidents, but still major accidents take place in the region of Bhiwani due to negligence of people.

Ambulance in Bhiwani

Hence to get in time medical help there is advance 24 hour ambulance service available in Bhiwani. These ambulances arrive at the accident spot immediately and take the patient to nearest hospital. Ambulances are also helpful at the time of cardiac arrest or any seriously ill patients. These vehicles are specially designed and mechanized with life saving support to provide crucial treatment during the transit.

Vandana Heart Hospital – 01664 329988
Dhamija Chest Hospital – 01664 240447

Blood Banks in Bhiwani

Blood Banks are an important part of emergency services. Perhaps a well diversified blood bank is need of the hour in medical services. Many lives are saved by infusing blood externally in the patients who are critical due to excessive loss of it.  Blood banks in Bhiwani take initiatives to attract people for blood donation and preserve it after making appropriate arrangements. Blood banks not only provide blood but also make available various components which are useful for critical patients. These include frozen plasma, Cryoprecipitate, platelets, Red blood cells, and white blood cells.
Blood Banks in Bhiwani

Blood Banks in Bhiwani offers all kinds of life saving components to needy persons. They take special care and extra attention to categorize different types of blood group and preserve them for medical emergencies. They take precautions to safeguard stored blood from any outside infection or virus and conserve according to the set rules.

  • General Hospital Blood Bank, Bhiwani
  • M S City Blood Bank, Bhiwani

Disaster Management in Bhiwani

Disaster management is a decade old organization which has been set up to tackle with any kind of natural and manmade calamity. Disaster management team is well trained and educated to handle natural tragedies such as flood, earthquake, epidemic, fire, locust attack, and hailstorm. These kinds of calamities occur in instance and they should be handled with proper care.

Disaster Management in Bhiwani

Disaster management department in Bhiwani is well versed with all facilities as well as educated to tackle natural disaster. Alongside, they are also made aware of situations occurring due to manmade calamities like Industrial disaster, radiological disaster, major accidents railway, airways or roadways, building collapse, stampede at crowded places, terrorist attack, and other such activities.

Disaster management in Bhiwani not only takes care during the time of tragedy, but also takes initiative to educate people how to react at the time of such problems. These events occur at such speed that people could not realize exact reaction for the problem and could not take necessary steps accordingly. They educate people about how to handle people met with an accident, what are necessary steps to follow during earthquake, how to manage during drought, what to do in a terrorist attack, and similar other situations.

Disaster Management Department
Contact no
- 108 (BSNL)

Chemist in Bhiwani

Chemists are also important aspects of emergency services due to requirement of life saving drugs during the time of treatment of emergency cases. These chemists keep all necessary drugs and injections along with all types of accessories required in the medical treatment. Usually chemist shops are open from morning to evening, but in emergency some of them provide 24 hours service to give support patients in critical time.

Chemists in emergency in Bhiwani

During emergencies, every second is important, and sometime patients could not survive till morning, hence these 24 hour services of chemists in Bhiwani are truly best part of emergency services.

Shiv Shakti Medical Store
New Arora Medical Hall

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